Derrick Poole

Derrick Poole is a dedicated and driven Project Manager and Sales Rep at Rhythm Roofing. With a passion for both work and play, Derrick can be found hunting, fishing, and playing drums for the worship team at his church in his free time. He has a close-knit family, including two cats, a dog, and a younger brother.

Inspired by his favorite quote, “You have three choices in life, give up, give in, or give it all you got!” Derrick approaches his job with determination and a drive to succeed. With his exceptional skills and attention to detail, he is dedicated to ensuring each project he manages is completed to the highest standard.

When he’s not working, Derrick can often be found relaxing and enjoying his favorite show, “The Community.” With his unique blend of work ethic and approachable personality, Derrick is an asset to the Rhythm Roofing team and a favorite among clients.


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