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Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Every year, your home faces various weather conditions that can cause harm, including harsh winds, heavy rainfall, intense heat, hail, and snow. Unexpected storms can result in unexpected damage to your home, causing stress and frustration. But don’t worry, the team at Rhythm Roofing is here to assist you in navigating the insurance claim process and getting your home back to its former state quickly.

Ensure Maximum Compensation With Professional Support

By selecting Rhythm Roofing to handle your storm damage repairs, you are choosing a team of premier experts who possess in-depth knowledge of both storm damage and the insurance claims process. Our commitment to delivering exceptional guidance and support will ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation and repair services for your damaged property.

Understanding The Insurance Claims Process


Your Home Is Hit With Storm Damage: Severe weather can cause roof damage without warning, so it’s important to act quickly if you suspect storm damage to your home. Contact Rhythm Roofing for guidance on the insurance claim process and to have your home inspected. Hold off on cleaning up and instead, document the damage with photos, videos, a list of damaged items, news articles, receipts, and other proof. This will help speed up the insurance claim process.


Schedule A Free Inspection: After you reach out to us about storm damage, one of our experts will visit your property for a free inspection. Our team is trained to identify damage, and they will provide an assessment and determine if a claim can be filed.


File An Insurance Claim: Once the inspection is done, our team will help you file your insurance claim if applicable. Your insurance company will assign a claim number and an adjuster to your case. The adjuster will visit your property, assess the damage, and estimate the cost of repairs. The adjuster’s role is to determine how much your insurance company will pay out for the replacements and repairs. Our team will be there to provide any documentation of the damage, ensure all damage is accounted for, and represent you during the process. If you’re not satisfied with the insurance company’s payout, a public adjuster can evaluate the cost of the damage and represent you in an appeal.


Approval and Contract Signing: After our inspection, documentation, and an insurance adjuster assessment, we will present an estimate to your insurance company. Once the estimate is approved, a contract will be signed, and construction can begin.


Construction and Claim Closure: Before construction begins, we will discuss materials, colors, warranties, and upgrades with you. Our goal is to quickly restore your home to your satisfaction. Once construction is completed, a certified invoice will be submitted, and the claim will be closed. Rhythm Roofing strives to complete repairs within the insurance deadline so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

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Amazing. Simply amazing service. When my insurance company changed their minds and just wanted to pay for a repair, they fought for me and were able to convince them that I needed a new roof.

David Sensing

I had the BEST experience with Rhythm Roofing! The customer service was AMAZING. They made the process of roof and gutter replacement hassle free (and I so appreciate this as a single mom)! Parker was professional, friendly, great at communication and made me feel like a valued customer! I don’t often leave reviews, but cannot shout their praises enough! If you need roof repair – Rhythm Roofing will amaze you with their customer service and quality work!

Melissa Weber

Rhythm Roofing has replaced several roofs in my subdivision and when I spoke with several of my neighbors who used them all of them highly recommended using them. My roof was replaced in a day and a half and you couldn’t tell they were ever here with the exception of the new roof! Dustin and their entire team were extremely professional and I would highly recommend for any of your roofing needs.

Steve Kutchback