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Affordable and reliable roof repair for your home.


Our team of expert contractors are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of professionalism and integrity throughout the roofing process. From roof inspection to repair and replacement, we guarantee quality workmanship and efficiency to get you and your family feeling safe and secure in your home as soon as possible.

Storm damage? We help you get the most of of your insurance claim.

If you suspect you might have hail or storm damage for any reason, call us ASAP. Hail and wind damage constitutes an insurable loss that your carrier is required to cover, as long as it’s reported within one calendar year of the storm in question. Plus, since hail is considered an “Act of God, it will not increase your insurance premiums like a leaky toilet or broken pipe would. That’s why there’s no reason to avoid inspecting your roof now, before your storm date passes and your insurance company is no longer accountable to you.


Leak-Free Roofs with Expert Repair Services

Our roof repair services are designed to address a variety of roofing problems, from small leaks to larger-scale damage. Our contractors are experienced in repairing roofs of all types and materials, including shingle roofs, tile roofs, and flat roofs. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Leak repair – We’ll fix leaks in your roof caused by damage or worn-out materials.
  • Patchwork – Our contractors will repair specific areas of your roof that have suffered damage.
  • Shingle repair – We’ll fix or replace damaged or missing shingles on a shingle roof.
  • Gutter repair – We’ll fix clogs, leaks, or damage to your gutters.
  • Chimney repair – We’ll repair cracks, leaks, or other damage to chimneys.
  • Skylight repair – We’ll fix leaks, cracks, or other damage to skylights.
  • Vent repair – We’ll repair damaged or clogged vents to improve roof ventilation.
  • Flashing repair – We’ll fix or replace damaged or worn-out flashing to prevent leaks.
  • Roof deck repair – We’ll repair or replace damaged roof decking to ensure a solid base for the roofing materials.
  • Re-roofing – Our contractors will completely remove and replace your existing roof with new materials.

Quality Guaranteed

At Rhythm Roofing, we guarantee professionalism and integrity at every step of the roofing process. Our contractors are dedicated to providing quality workmanship and efficient results, so you and your family can feel safe and secure in your home again. We believe in putting your needs first, and we stand behind our work with a quality guarantee.

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Reliable Roof Repair and Replacement Services

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