Rhythm Roofing is proudly partnered with CertainTeed to bring you the best residential roofing products.


CertainTeed’s dedication to product improvement and manufacturing excellence has led to the development of valuable roofing technologies and in turn, the ability to contribute to better, safer, and more comfortable homes. What’s more, a CertainTeed roof is known for its impeccable style and enduring performance…no matter what Mother Nature may throw at it.

Rhythm Roofing is a certified CertainTeed installer, which means that we are authorized by CertainTeed to provide world-class installation services to coincide with their world-class roofing products.

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Why Rhythm and CertainTeed?

Most homeowners know that hiring a licensed roofer protects them from unethical practices and inferior workmanship. However, it is just as important to ensure your roofer is certified by shingle manufacturers to install your new roof. Hiring a shingle-certified roofer signifies that the roofing materials manufacturer is willing to put their reputation on the line for the roofing company.

What does that mean to you? Your roofer’s certification status not only demonstrates that they have the authority to install said CertainTeed shingles, but also that all CertainTeed warranties will be upheld in the event of damage to your roof. Since you can’t predict roofing damage, certainly not the stormy kind, it’s important that you be prepared for anything. Take our advice and hire a CertainTeed-certified roofer to install your new CertainTeed roof.

The good news is…we’re CertainTeed certified and ready to help!

What Does Certification Mean?
CertainTeed is one of the longest-standing and trusted roofing manufacturers available to you, which is why they offer certification to contractors that provide the kind of world-class service that homeowners deserve. In order to meet CertainTeed’s criteria for certification, a certified roofer must have the following:

  • Proper licensure – Roofers must have all the necessary credentials to carry out roofing work in the United States.
  • Full insurance – All CertainTeed certified contractors must boast full insurance packages to cover themselves as well as the clients.
  • Strong reputation – CertainTeed certified roofers need to prove their reputation through references, reviews, and similar tools
  • Ongoing development – Roofers must show their commitment to providing quality roofing by completing regular training and development.

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If you suspect you might have hail or storm damage for any reason, call us ASAP. Hail and wind damage constitutes an insurable loss that your carrier is required to cover, as long as it’s reported within one calendar year of the storm in question. Plus, since hail is considered an “Act of God, it will not increase your insurance premiums like a leaky toilet or broken pipe would. That’s why there’s no reason to avoid inspecting your roof now, before your storm date passes and your insurance company is no longer accountable to you.


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A roof over your head? We’re more than that.

If you ask us, home should always stand for safety, stability, and peace of mind…before and after disaster strikes. That’s why when damage does occur, we know that your biggest concern is keeping it that way…as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. That’s why we’re:

Licensed, bonded, and insured.
We’re loud and proud about it so if you need to see our paperwork, just let us know. Your comfort is our top priority.

Middle Tennessee is our home and we’re honored that our line of work makes it a safer and more inviting place to live.

Insurance experts.
Insurance can be confusing, but we read the fine print so you don’t have to. We’re well-versed in working with insurance adjusters and companies.

We are an authorized installer and preferred partner of several shingle manufacturers, ensuring their warranties will be upheld.

In popular demand.
Need more convincing? We’re happy to provide you with solid references from existing customers to put your mind at ease.