Nashville Hail Damage: What You Need To Know

When tornado sirens sound off, we all know what’s coming. A downpour…the kind that most likely comes with hail.

Besides the terrifying reality of large chunks of ice falling towards your home, the knowledge that hail storms can dramatically impact the lifespan of your roof isn’t super fun to think about. But even if you’re unsure, having your roof inspected after any serious storm is an important step you can take in order to maintain the safety and integrity of your home.

Following a severe hail storm in Nashville, Tennessee or the surrounding Middle Tennessee area, your first roofing concern should be whether or not the storm caused any leakages that might damage your home’s interior. The best way to make sure is with a free roofing inspection from yours truly! Our experience allows us to see things you might very likely miss and since it’s free anyways, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check your bases.

We will happily inspect your Nashville roof for any and all signs of hail damage. Hail damage may not cause an immediate problem, but the longer you wait to fix it, the more damage your home can…and will…incur in the meantime.


No matter what Mother Nature blows your way, we’ll bring peace of mind and a budget-friendly alternative to costly home repairs and renovations. We’ll even act as a liaison on your behalf to your insurance company, making sure you receive all that you’re owed in the process. Schedule your FREE roof inspection now!

Schedule your roof inspection now!

If you suspect you might have hail or storm damage for any reason, call us ASAP. Hail and wind damage constitutes an insurable loss that your carrier is required to cover, as long as it’s reported within one calendar year of the storm in question. Plus, since hail is considered an “Act of God, it will not increase your insurance premiums like a leaky toilet or broken pipe would. That’s why there’s no reason to avoid inspecting your roof now, before your storm date passes and your insurance company is no longer accountable to you.